Mom Bossing: How the Rules of Productivity & Online Work Change with Parenthood

I started my first online business in 2010, when I was a college student still scraping my way through school. By 2015 I felt like I had gotten the hang of this online business,freelancing, and blogging thing. So I started Unsettle. I wrote about things like productivity — why you need to set a schedule, engineer your environment, find what works and do more of it, and sometimes, take some serious risk to get where … Read More

Check (Your Beliefs About) Yourself Before Your Wreck Yourself

This wasn’t the post that I had planned for you this week. You were going to be reading about expertise. Or maybe how to think of a topic to blog about. Or, if I could get my shit together in time, I would have published the article I literally pulled my moving car to the side of the road to write on Friday. But alas, my intuition is leading me to write this post instead. On Friday, … Read More

How to Motivate Yourself to Achieve Anything: Become The Type of Person Who Doesn’t Give Up

It all started with a romper. Despite being a grown woman, I love me a good romper. Jumpsuits are just as good, and I have a handful of these onesie gems in my dresser drawers waiting for me summer after summer. It was April, the weather was warm, and warm weather means romper season. So, this one particular afternoon, I ran up the stairs to my dresser, flung open the drawers, found my favourite romper … Read More