How To Grow Your Email List: The Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re serious about growing your budding blog into a full-time lifestyle business (and you should be), you know that one of the 3 most important things you gotta focus on — especially if you work full-time — is growing your email list. You can write amazing articles and nail SEO, but if you don’t have a thriving email list, you’re missing out on sales, traffic, shares, testimonials, and referrals. Trying to build a profitable blog in … Read More

How Long Should a Blog Post Be? The Data-Driven Guide

how long should a blog post be facebook

I’m sure you’ve heard at least one of these figures before: People now have attention spans of less than 8 seconds (which is apparently worse than a goldfish) People read on average 25% of your articles. People stay on the page within 10-20 seconds unless you offer a clear value proposition within the first 10 seconds. These make you wonder whether shorter blog posts are better to keep your reader’s attention, right? And with conflicting … Read More

The Sure-Fire Way to Attract Thousands of Subscribers with Giveaways

This post was written by Simon Cave You want more email subscribers. The only problem is, you don’t know how to get them. You’ve probably added a few opt-in forms on your website and currently get anywhere between 1 to 5 subscribers a day with them. It seems like it will take you years before you land your first thousand. But don’t be discouraged! There are proven solutions out there to help you build an email … Read More