The Ethical Guide to Finally Earning Money from Your Blog (Without Selling Out)

It’s like clockwork. Every time I’m introduced as a “blogger”, one of the first questions that slips out of the mouths of my new acquaintances goes something like this: “Oh really? That’s so cool! I’ve always loved to write. How do blogs make money, anyway?” And I get it. When the term “professional blogger” comes up, you tend to picture a sloppy millennial lounging in pajamas until noon in their parents basement complaining about their … Read More

The #1 Little-Known Framework for Landing Clients (Even If You Don’t Have a Website)

How to get clients

Want to hear something embarrassing? When I first pitched this guest post for Unsettle, I had exactly one article on my site. Not a couple. Not a few. One. Laugh if you want, but there was a very good reason behind my teensy little blog. Ever since I discovered how to get clients by creating high-value, eyeball-snatching, “client-getting” Facebook posts, I’ve been slammed with networking, calls with prospects, and landing paid freelance work that makes me … Read More

This Pitch Template Landed Me 80% of the Clients I Sent it To

how to send a pitch

Freelancing is the easiest way to get started online. There are few things that can build a business more quickly and lead you to freedom faster than offering services through freelancing.  We’ve seen this time and time again in previous episodes, including Episode 20 where we interviewed freelance writer Gina Horkey who manages to earn $9,000+ per month with her business which she started in freelancing. But the question that always remains is… How do … Read More