How Michelle Earns $50,000+/Month Blogging (& Became a Digital Nomad)

$5,000. How much of a difference would that amount of money make in your life every month? What would an extra $5,000/month give you in terms of freedom? My guess is that it would give you financial freedom. Freedom to choose what you work on, freedom to travel and not ask for vacation ever again, freedom to break away from a job you don’t enjoy. If you’ve never earned a penny online, that might seem … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Digital Nomad & Traveling the World While You Work

Last year, I visited over 29 cities across 11 countries. I’ve been on 45+ flights, stayed in more than 40 Airbnbs , and spent over 250 days on the road. And until recently when somebody asked me where I lived, I drew a blank. How could I sum up that for 2 months last spring I bounced between Malta, Greece and France? That Sumo is in Austin, but my family is in Vancouver and I spent the summer in the US, Peru, Colombia … Read More