The Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Digital Nomad & Traveling the World While You Work

Last year, I visited over 29 cities across 11 countries. I’ve been on 45+ flights, stayed in more than 40 Airbnbs , and spent over 250 days on the road. And until recently when somebody asked me where I lived, I drew a blank. How could I sum up that for 2 months last spring I bounced between Malta, Greece and France? That Sumo is in Austin, but my family is in Vancouver and I spent the summer in the US, Peru, Colombia … Read More

100 Best WordPress Blog Themes

You’re a new blogger Or, at least, you want to become a new blogger. So you’ve chosen the perfect domain name. You’ve chosen hosting and set up your WordPress website. You’ve even written a few articles that you can’t wait you’re nervous to finally hit “publish” on. So what’s holding you back from launching that fledgling site of yours? My guess is web design. You want a beautiful website, but you don’t want to shell … Read More

The 5 Simple Strategies to Boost Your Writing Productivity

Want to know something crazy? Who am I kidding. Of course you do. I write tens of thousands of words every single week. Sometimes more than 20,000 words, and sometimes closer to 10,000 words… But either way, that number is no joke. And in a recent SumoMe Pro workshop, I got an interesting question about whether I had any tips for becoming super productive when creating content. And of course I do. Even though over the … Read More