10 Actionable Steps to Discover Your Unique Skills

what are my skills

Can I tell you a secret? For a long time, I believed there was nothing I was specifically good at. Sure, I knew I liked to read and that I was okay with a pen, but I just didn’t have confidence in my ability to be better than most people at something. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that I do have innate talents and unique skills. And it wasn’t until I started using … Read More

8 Guiding Principles for Succeeding in Solopreneurship

8 guiding principles for success in business

It was fall 2014, and I was stuck. You may be able to relate. When you’re building something – a business, a blog, a website – you’re constantly learning and taking in information. And all of that information can easily become overwhelming. I wanted to research so many things and incorporate them into Unsettle and test different theories, but my brain was on overload. And what resulted?