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Want to start making money doing what you love?

Maybe you want to start freelancing or blogging or building a lifestyle business but don't know how to get your first client or readers or subscribers. 

Or maybe you have a million ideas but don't know where to start. Or worse, you want to start a business but don't know what business you want to start.

Maybe you're still struggling with knowing what you're passionate about. Or finding a way to manage your time and juggle work, family, and a side hustle. 

If you've ever felt stuck and didn't know how to move forward or just wanted some advice from somebody whose job is literally to help push you to the next level, a power session will help.

Here's what I can help you do:

→ Land your first paying client 
→ Get your first 1,000 subscribers
→ Find clarity on what idea to pursue
→ Become unstuck with what to do next

→ Find your skills, interests, and passions
→ Find your perfect lifestyle business idea
→ Monetize your blog and start making real money
→ Figure out the focus of your blog or website, and make it 100x better
→ Learn where to start, how to start, and what actions to take to make the biggest impact.


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antonio rillera

"Sarah has been a fantastic mentor with my transition from having a brick and mortar business to taking it online. From small things, like font choices that have the most impact, to learning how to keep everything simple, to focusing on one thing at a time and most importantly how to focus my energy to where I will make the most impact on the planet (and my pocketbook!), Sarah has been the catalyst to creating the change I needed to succeed."

Jenn Milne

Personal Trainer, Thrive Bootcamp

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You'll be able to schedule your session at any time that works for you that I'm free through my calendar. The session will take place over Skype and you'll have my undivided attention for 45 minutes - guaranteed. 


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