5 Stupid-Simple Strategies to Validate Your Product or Business Idea

Let me guess… You want to start a business or release a product, but you don’t know if your idea is valid. You don’t know whether anybody will pay for it and you don’t want to get in too deep and waste time and money if it turns out to be a bust. I get it. That’s why validating your product or business is so important. In today’s episode, I’ll be going through a handful … Read More

How Greg Is Going from $0 to $20,000/Month With His Business

If you’ve ever wanted to strike out on your own, quit your 9-5, or build a side business, this interview is for you. Greg Hickman had a job he enjoyed, but wanted to work on his own and was especially interested in the mobile marketing niche. He started Mobile Marketing Engine and began to co-host a podcast called Zero to Scale which centers around how he and co-host Justin McGill are working to move their … Read More

How John Lee Dumas Built a $500,000+/Month Business Through Podcasting

Have you ever thought about starting a blog? Probably. A lot of people have. But what about podcasting? With hundreds of millions of blogs in the world but only hundreds of thousands of podcasts, podcasting provides a way to differentiate yourself and really stand out online. While I’m still learning the ropes, I do know that podcasting has completely elevated my brand, and today’s guest, John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire has literally built his entire, $500,000 per month business … Read More