A Simple Guide to Overcoming Your Fear of Quitting Your Job for Meaningful Work

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I don’t know when the shift happened. I went from thinking I could never quit my job, to sitting down with my boss and confidently informing her that I would be travelling and therefore would be ending my contract. Prior to that moment, I didn’t know I had it in me. As a personal finance blogger, I watched my peers start leaving their corporate jobs for a location independent lifestyle. But not me. I had … Read More

26 Life Changing Lessons I’ve Learned About Succeeding in Life and Business

It was 1989. The cold was bitter – record-breaking. Just days before, a freak snowstorm ravaged the valley. Six people died because of that snowstorm. The cold increased the death toll by another two. But I wasn’t waiting for anything. I came into this world on February 4 1989, practically born in my parent’s car in the hospital parking lot on one of the city’s coldest days in history. On Wednesday, it’s my birthday. It … Read More