Ask Yourself These Four Questions to Find Work You Love

4 questions to ask to find work you love

You want to find work you love. You want to know that you’re making an impact. You want to feel excited about what you’re doing. But the problem is, you don’t know what type of work that should be. You’ve done the worksheets to find your passion and while they are helpful and gave you some clarity, you don’t know what to do with the information. And you don’t want to do what everybody else is … Read More

10 Actionable Steps to Discover Your Unique Skills

what are my skills

Can I tell you a secret? For a long time, I believed there was nothing I was specifically good at. Sure, I knew I liked to read and that I was okay with a pen, but I just didn’t have confidence in my ability to be better than most people at something. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that I do have innate talents and unique skills. And it wasn’t until I started using … Read More

8 Guiding Principles for Succeeding in Solopreneurship

8 guiding principles for success in business

It was fall 2014, and I was stuck. You may be able to relate. When you’re building something – a business, a blog, a website – you’re constantly learning and taking in information. And all of that information can easily become overwhelming. I wanted to research so many things and incorporate them into Unsettle and test different theories, but my brain was on overload. And what resulted?