Building a Blog While Working Full-Time? Cut Out EVERYTHING Except These 3 Things

Let me guess… Between the 9-5, the 30-minutes-each-way commute, and having a social life, you feel like you’re piling too much on your plate. You’re terrible at using the little free time you do have to work on your side hustle, because you’re exhausted. So how do you find time to focus on your own blog when you’re already working all day for somebody else? If this sounds familiar, it’s because I know what you’re … Read More

Mom Bossing: How the Rules of Productivity & Online Work Change with Parenthood

I started my first online business in 2010, when I was a college student still scraping my way through school. By 2015 I felt like I had gotten the hang of this online business,freelancing, and blogging thing. So I started Unsettle. I wrote about things like productivity — why you need to set a schedule, engineer your environment, find what works and do more of it, and sometimes, take some serious risk to get where … Read More

How to Write Shit People Actually Want to Read (+ Free Checklist)

Let me guess. If you’re just starting out online, you wonder… “How do I get clients?” “How can I start monetizing my blog?” “How do I get more traffic?” The answer to every single one of these questions might surprise you. Ready? The answer is this: Write shit people want to read. Every single day somewhere around two million blog posts are written. The sad truth, though? The vast majority of those articles won’t be … Read More