My Top 5 for 2016: Apps, Books and Articles

Okay so you prbably can't be noah kagan and launch a podcast for 1 bajillion downloads in the first month but you CAN promote it to maximize your reach and get into New and Noteworthy

Over the course of a year, I try to make notes of the things that make an impact on me. Sometimes, my notes are about a city I visited that captured a piece of my heart. Often they’re just of apps that worked really well for me or books that resonated. These things are usually stored and tracked in a million different places — iPhone notes, notes in whatever notebook I try to use consistently … Read More

6 Foolproof Strategies to Learn Marketing (Even If You Hate Social Media)

There are well over 1 billion websites on the internet. And it’s true that most of them generate little traffic – a couple hundred visits per month at most. But some of them – a large enough portion to worry about – bring in tens of thousands (or even hundreds of thousands or millions) of visitors each month. These websites have built: Archives of compelling and useful content An tribe of engaged audience members Products … Read More

Is Your Life Crazy Right Now? Here’s How to Keep Moving Forward

I’m currently working from a flat in Athens, where I’ll be for the next two days before I take off on a flight to Malta. After spending a week in Malta, I’ll spend a night in Istanbul before heading off to Austin. From there, I’ll spend whirlwind two weeks in Vancouver, another week in Austin, and another week in Vancouver before heading off to South America indefinitely. I’m officially a vagabond (or, as I like to … Read More